Investing in member and employee conversations to grow your credit union

Caring can show up in many ways in business.  But let’s take a moment and think back to when you were in school. Many of us had that teacher that we loved. That one teacher that connected with us in a way that no other teacher did.  We also had the ones we despised…but we won’t go there!

For me…it was Mr. Ainsworth.

Mr. Ainsworth was my high school football coach, and a big burly guy.  Bigger than life I would say. He taught me hard work, dedication to the task, and a commitment to the current moment. He also taught me to never give up.

Something Coach Ainsworth always said, and it’s been etched in my brain forever was “Flatback shot out of a cannon”

His intent with this statement was to focus on the mechanics of the flat back and follow that up with the energy of being shot out of a cannon. Now I could show you what this means as it pertains football…let me just go outside and film it on my phone, then upload it to youtube! Actually…on second thought, I think at the ripe old age of 45, I’d throw out my hip! So I’ll pass!

One thing Coach always did though was followup his football lessons with life lessons.  He’d always check in on how we were doing. He wanted to know how school was going as well as other parts of our life. He didn’t just ask, but he took great interest!  That’s what made Coach Ainsworth so memorable. He was invested in US.

As employees and managers of Credit Unions, you are tasked with a great deal of responsibility.  As you begin to focus on and understand the impact of caring for your members, it’s absolutely necessary to ask questions, listen intently, and invest in others.  You can invest by spending uninterrupted time with employees and with members, during these poignant conversations.

The more you listen, the more you invest.  When others feel invested in…they return the favor and invest back into the organization.  This applies to both employees and members. Why? Because they are all people and when people feel cared for, they care in return. It’s the law of reciprocity!

Now that you know…there’s only one thing to do…Flat Back…Shot out of a cannon!

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

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