Is check fraud still a thing? Why check fraud is still a thing

If you search when checks started being used, you might find a lot of conflicting results. Some scholars argue that evidence of checks can be dated back as far as the 12th century. So with hundreds of years of using this type of system, you might wonder, “how are check scams even happening”?

Like most scams, it requires minimal effort and depends upon the person’s financial knowledge, gullibility, and desperation for cash.

For this check scam, more than likely, the victim will receive the check by mail. In the envelope, you will receive a check and instructions on how to claim your funds. Here are a few examples of instructions we have seen our membership receive in order to get the promised funds:

  • Overpayment – You, for some reason, are receiving a refund from somewhere you can recognize locally. The seemly reputable business has accidentally sent you too much money for your refund, and instead of sending you a correct amount, they will ask that you deposit the check and mail back the overage in the form of a money order.


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