Is it time for a mortgage check-up

There are many Credit Unions that do memberlicious things for their members with mortgages. One I ran across recently was National Institute of Health Credit Union out of Rockville, Maryland. They serve the biomedical industry and offer their members a free mortgage checkup. So what’s a mortgage checkup? Read on to find out…..

A mortgage checkup is a cute name. NIH labels it as their free, no-obligation mortgage check-up. It helps homeowners – and first-time buyers – gain peace of mind by confirming if their mortgage is truly the best fit for their current financial objectives.

You can check out their check up on their web site.

The member can either complete the checkup online or call the Credit Union to talk with a mortgage professional.

The web tool asks the member about their objective and includes reduce my monthly mortgage payment, tap my home equity, pay off my mortgage faster or purchase a home.  The tool gathers some basic contact information from the member and then proceeds to collect data about the member’s home and mortgage. It appears that based on the information that the member will receive a phone call.

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