Is it time to upgrade your ATM experience?

Nearly a third of Americans visit the ATM at least once a week. Even after 50 years, ATMs continue to be an important self-service interaction between credit unions and members looking to deposit checks, withdraw cash or check their balance. Research from Mercator Advisory Group shows that members value the convenience of ATM locations and surcharge-free access the most when it comes to ATMs (both of which they receive as part of the CO-OP ATM network); but as technology evolves, members are beginning to want more from the ATM experience.

With new challenges come new opportunities and the ATM is no exception. Here are a few ways to upgrade the ATM experience for your members:

1. Offer the Features Members Want

When it comes to experience, often it’s the little features and enhancements that members appreciate. In a recent Mercator survey, members overwhelmingly indicated that having flexibility around cash withdrawals (with options like choosing bill denominations and increased withdrawal limits) was important to their ATM experience. Other popular features, particularly among travelling members, include the ability to withdraw cash in multiple currencies and being able to set language preferences.


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