Is your credit union stupid enough to surf a dead whale?

by: Mark Arnold

Jumping into what must be considered the lead for “Most Incredibly Stupid Thing Ever Done by an Australian” is 26-year-old Harrison Williams. A few days ago while on a boating trip with friends off the coast of Australia, he decided it would be a terrific idea to jump out of the boat, swim over to a dead, bloated whale and climb on top of it.

If that wasn’t stupid enough, it was only at that point he figured out, with the aid of mates on the boat, that the carcass was surrounded by a feeding frenzy of hungry sharks, including large tigers and great whites.

No one is immune from acts of stupidity. Similarly, no company is immune from these acts. Your credit union is no different. What are some ridiculously stupid things that your credit union might be doing? Things that could not only harm your wallet share but also the most important asset on your books — your brand? Try a few of these on for size.

  • Trying to cram your message on every social media site. Odds are, you’re spending a lot of time and energy spreading messages where few of your target consumers actually hang out. Social media is great for targeting specific groups. The key is to align the folks you are trying to get with the channels on which you participate. For example, if your bank or credit union was to attract new members from the young female demographic, you might want to consider being on Pinterest.
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