Is your credit union’s website really ADA compliant?

One question we’ve been getting A LOT lately is around an issue that our team here didn’t initially have a good answer for, and that is how to ensure that a credit union or community bank website is ADA compliant.

This concern has begun to gain even more traction, highlighted by the recent warning from CUNA Mutual Group. When we began researching the topic we found a wide variety of potential solutions and varying answers to how FIs were tackling the ADA compliance issue. We also asked a few clients about how they were dealing with this new compliance topic.

Some credit unions seem to be operating under the assumption that if web developers have assured them things are all good, they can just trust these developers and move forward. The problem with this is the developer may not be an expert in accessible design and he or she may have relied on a scanning tool to assess the website.

Other Financial Institutions are very nervous about ADA compliance, but staff have concerns about where to start, so they have set the issue aside to deal with at a later date.


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