Is your marketing useful?

by: Theresa Witham

Online, we have an overwhelming amount of competition for our attention, said Jay Baer, marketing strategist, best-selling author and president of Convince & Convert, speaking at CUES Symposium: A CEO/Chairman Exchange on Monday.

He shared some examples from his personal Facebook feed and it looked something like:

  • picture of a friend’s cute kid,
  • post from a company that he follows,
  • post from his wife,
  • another post from a company.

“Yours looks exactly the same and so does the Facebook feed of every single member and nonmember,” he said. The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s a combination of personal and commercial relationships.

As a brand on social media, “are you more interesting to me than my wife?” he joked.

Probably (hopefully!) not. And on the day after Sunday night’s big game, Baer said: “We’re all competing with Katy Perry and the Super Bowl.”

So what should you do about this? How does a credit union shine through posts about the halftime show and someone’s adorable nephew?

“Stop trying to be amazing and just start being useful,” he said.

It’s a concept Baer calls Youtility (and it’s the title of his book.)

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