It’s time to execute your game winning play

If everything is important, then nothing is important.

            – Patrick M. Lencioni

It’s a scene repeated countless times each year in just about every sport…

The game is on the line, time is running out, and a timeout is called. The team gathers around as the coach maps out the plan for winning the game. The players listen intently, each one silently pondering their role. They return to the game ready to perform and the game resumes.

Though the outcome is never certain, the intent of everyone is focused and clear—execute the assigned actions with the intention of creating the desired results.

Sometimes it works perfectly. Other times it’s a near miss. And occasionally it’s an abject failure.

The reality is that with less than a month remaining in the year the game is on the line for your credit union…

And it’s time to call a timeout, assemble the key players, and call your game winning play—the one that will create the most significant impact for the year.

Chances are that even if everything has gone according to plan for your team this year, there are still a number of things on the to do list that that were supposed to be completed by yearend (and chances are even higher that some of them are just not going to get done).

But that’s OK, because there are things on the list that are not really important when you put them in the context of the game being on the line…

Think about it for a minute.

When the coach assembles the players and calls the play that is intended to win the game, there is an implicit assumption—nothing else matters when play resumes except for everyone executing their assigned role in that play.

As a credit union leader, I encourage you to call a team huddle with your key leaders and review the to do list for the remainder of the year, and answer these two critical questions:

1. What is the game winning play for your credit union in the time remaining in the year?

2. What do you have to agree will not be done to focus on executing the game winning play?

One caveat: Don’t overthink this, don’t overanalyze it, and don’t bog down in debating alternatives. Focus the discussion quickly on what will produce the most valuable impact for the credit union and commit to getting it done, then execute your game winning play!


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