Join the chat on AI: Keep the “human” in HR while embracing the future

In this first article in our series, we cover AI basics and the need for HR professionals to embrace them.

Are you experiencing ChatGPT fatigue? Do you feel like you’re late to the artificial intelligence (AI) game? Do you assume AI will soon replace you as a human resources (HR) professional, so why bother engaging?

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, grab a coffee and read on for the first in a series about AI and HR.

We’re Rebecca Starr, national managing director of Gallagher’s Human Resources Consulting practice, and Ed Barry, national managing director of Gallagher’s HR Technology Consulting practice. The changes around HR tech — associated explicitly with AI — increasingly bring the two of us together to advise employer clients. Our combined perspectives offer unique value because we represent different generations and different sides of the industry. While we typically agree, we also learn from each other. With that in mind, we decided to share our conversations with a broader audience.

We talk to employers daily and know there is a lot of trepidation around using AI in HR, but also fear of missing out — that everyone else is ahead in the game. We’re here to allay your fears and offer clear, direct information and guidance.


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