Keeping your crisis communication plan updated

For the majority of my work life, if business were disrupted for some reason and employee’s were to stay at home,  I either a) received a call from a fellow worker or b) was told to call into an “employee hotline“.

Obviously (for those who know me) as a deaf person I experienced high levels of stress when this happened since those two tools required something I didn’t have (hearing).  But I wasn’t the only one frustrated over the years!

The reliance on just a call tree/voice recording process is often complicated by:

  • Distortion of the message as it was passed along from person to person AND/OR
  • Reliance on a single technology (voice recording) and possible single-point-of-failure

Thankfully our options have changed significantly over the last 5-10 years and have resulted in improved communications during events for all parties!

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