Kinecta FCU assesses the last 12 months of its diversity journey

Aligned to the credit union’s mission, the CU’s new Diversity Council has increased programs, partnerships and mentorships.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union’s mission to guide and support its members and communities—not only financially, but in all aspects of life—is what drives the work of its year-old Diversity Council.

Formation of the Diversity Council

In June 2020, Kinecta FCU proudly renewed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion with the formation of the Kinecta Diversity Council, which is composed of 12 employees from different backgrounds and a wide range of positions and departments. The council’s commitment to support and embrace equality for all involves continually seeking to learn, engage, advocate and foster an environment that celebrates differences.

“Diversity is defined as the differences amongst people that are both visible and non-visible that make them who they are,” says CUES member Kim Graham, VP/human resources and talent development. “At Kinecta we strive to provide equal opportunities for all by being inclusive and supportive of the successes of our employees, members and communities we serve.”


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