How to know you are getting too comfortable with your finances

You haven’t looked at you budget in a long time

Budgets aren’t one of those things that you can set and forget. You should be constantly shaping and tweaking your budget as your circumstances change. You don’t have to micromanage it, but you should revisit it at least once a year.

You’re spending too much on credit

The allure of using a credit card is understandable, but can hurt more than help. There will be times when you may need to use a credit card, but you should never rely on them. Doing so may be putting you in worse shape than you can manage later on.

You haven’t increased savings contributions

Planning for your future is the most important part of your finances. If you haven’t maxed out what you can contribute to your savings, you should be increasing them as you can year to year.

You haven’t looked for ways to increase your income

One of the most overlooked factors that affect finance health is earning. Good money habits are not just about saving and spending, and there is no rule in the book of life that say you can only have one stream of revenue. Think up some new ways to increase your income and your savings.