Koalas, Kangaroos, and Credit Unions: Traveling to the ‘Land Down Under’ with WOCCU’s Brian Branch

by. Mike Lawson

The world’s credit unions will converge in Australia this coming July (27-30) for the 2014 World Credit Union Conference to discuss global issues, trends, and topics that affect us all. And it’s amazing how small a world it is when it comes to CU situations. World Council of Credit Unions’ President/CEO Brian Branch joins us on CUbroadcast to explain how similar credit unions are on any part of the planet. In fact, he conducted a survey of credit unions worldwide to show how alike we are when it comes to attracting specific audiences, dealing with regulations, and implementing particular technologies. Amazing how different we are culturally but how similar we are when it comes to the issues.

Along with addressing these global topics, Brian also provides takeaways attendees will gain from this year’s conference located on Australia’s Gold Coast — where, by the way, temps will be warm despite it being the continent’s winter season. In addition, we also discussed what credit unions from different countries can learn from each other, why Australia was chosen as this year’s locale, and much more.

And stay tuned for part two of our chat with Brian, as we talk about his recent trip to the Ukraine and his “front line” experiences there. Compelling content for sure, showing how credit unions are dealing with the area’s current crises. Don’t miss it.


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