Largest global credit union event convenes in Boston

by America's Credit Unions and World Council of Credit Unions

Uniting credit union professionals from around the globe, the 2024 World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) in Boston, July 21-24, offers an unparalleled opportunity for innovation, industry insights, and networking.

This premier event occurs in the U.S. only once every four years, so it is a rare “local” opportunity for professionals seeking to foster global collaboration and learning. Dozens of credit union-tailored sessions and workshops, keynote speeches, and opportunities to bridge continents and cultures are scheduled.

The conference also offers unique networking opportunities, connecting credit union professionals with peers from more than 60 countries. Whether a seasoned executive or a rising star in the credit union space, WCUC provides valuable insights and connections to propel careers and organizations forward.

“The World Credit Union Conference isn’t just a conference,” said Jim Nussle, President and CEO of America’s Credit Unions. “It’s a beacon for those dedicated to advancing the credit union movement. You’ll find the inspiration, strategies, and connections to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and impact.”

The conference showcases three influential keynote speakers: Shawn Kanungo, René Carayol, and Erica Dhawan. These globally recognized speakers will offer attendees actionable insights into harnessing innovation, cultivating inclusive leadership, and building team dynamics with empathy at the core. These sessions are designed to equip credit union professionals with the strategies and mindsets necessary to thrive in an evolving industry landscape, ensuring they leave with a clear vision for driving their organizations forward.

“We are honored to welcome Shawn, René, and Erica to the 2024 World Credit Union Conference,” said Elissa McCarter LaBorde, World Council of Credit Unions President & CEO. “Their collective wisdom in innovation, leadership, and empathy will inspire our attendees with the tools and insights needed to navigate today’s complex business landscape. This year’s conference is not just about facing our challenges; it’s about embracing new opportunities for transformation and growth in the credit union industry.”

View the full agenda here. Contribute to the global credit union movement by registering for the World Credit Union Conference today. Secure your spot now and be part of shaping the future of credit unions worldwide. Make sure you register by April 12 to take advantage of the early-bird registration discount.