Leader = problem solver

by: Dan Berger

Our roles as leaders often require us to solve problems and issues that arise at our organizations. Problems can be minor – such as depletion of the office coffee supply (well, here that wouldn’t be so minor); or they can be major – such as departmental discord that impedes output.

And since problems are always with us (solve one, then another rears its ugly head), we can probably all benefit from these very similar tips offered by both Forbes and Business Insider:

1. Communicate. Before you jump right in with a solution, listen and allow everyone to communicate their concerns and thoughts on the issue.

2. Break down silos. Silos within an organization are often a root cause of many problems. Enable team players, not self-promoters, Forbes encourages.

3. Create an open-minded culture. Fill your organization with open-minded, positive people who will tackle problems head on.

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