Leaders in Lending | Ep. 119: Partnering with a fintech to diversify in challenging times

Providing fair access to credit in consumer lending is at the forefront of all financial institutions today — and tech is here to make that possible.

Through fintech partnerships, AI and automation, institutions are able to streamline a vast majority of their processes for analyzing risk factors, assessing delinquency data and more. Even more, institutions are able to rapidly tailor their products to meet their customers’ needs. With the extraordinary amount of innovation recently in the financial universe, ensuring accurate reporting, regulatory compliance and transparent, trustworthy fintech partnerships can be tricky.

Julie Thurlow, President & CEO at Reading Cooperative Bank, and Phil Bryan, Chief Banking Officer at Reading Cooperative Bank, join us for a tell-all webinar where they cover these topics and more.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Tech, automation and AI: streamlining processes and tailoring products
  • Building a successful, transparent fintech partnership
  • Ensuring compliance in a tech-backed environment


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