Leaders in Lending | Ep. 128: From big bank to community leader

Our guest connected his love of helping and being around people to his career in banking, and the work he has done for the community is astonishing.

Neil Stevens, President and CEO at Oconee State Bank, graduated from Mercer University in 1989 with an Accounting degree and a Communications degree. After working as a paramedic through college, he had his eyes set on working in the business administration side of healthcare.

Yet, his older brother was in the banking space — and strongly encouraged Neil to follow suit. Noticing the banking industry offered so many connections to other industries, Neil took his advice. 34 years later, Neil is still in banking, and he absolutely loves it.

From starting a bank during a time when the economy was on the brink of recession to now, Neil has leaned heavily into his love for helping people. Through the bank’s non-profit foundation, Neil’s podcast, and his book, he has made massive strides to reach and uplift the community. His efforts all begin internally, and his dedication to culture, holding high standards, and building support networks for his employees is remarkable.


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