Leaders in Lending | Ep. 134: Data ownership and industry collaboration in fintech

Join our host, Matt Snow and guest Sanjib Kalita, Head of Industry at Fintech Meetup, as they explore key themes such as data technology, blockchain, and the importance of networking in the industry's evolution.

Bad data can have a tangible, negative impact on consumers. Think of a time you were getting ready to make a serious purchase like a house or car; the last thing you’d want is for the wrong information to be attached to your name.

If you were a man about to get married and buy his first home in New York — like Sanjib Kalita, Head of Industry at Fintech Meetup, was a decade or so ago — you wouldn’t want your credit history saying you’re married to a man in California and have multiple foreclosures for auto loans.

Kalita’s experience with bad data impassioned him to continue the good fight of always putting consumer impact first when working in fintech, and he’s kept that value throughout his career, from chip designing to Google.

This mission begs the question: What does data ownership look like in the credit industry, and how can we support positive consumer impact?


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