Leaders in Lending | Ep. 84: Policy and practice to expand greater access to credit

Technology is transforming the banking landscape, but it is cost-prohibitive for smaller institutions and can unfortunately leave out borrowers who need access to capital the most. Recognizing that access to credit is access to opportunity, the movement for inclusive credit is growing thanks to the MoreThanFair initiative, which proves technology and data science can make lending more inclusive, transparent and fair.

Our guests today have been at the forefront of the movement for more inclusive credit. Nicole Elam, President and CEO of the National Bankers Association, and Nat Hoopes, VP, Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Upstart, are both involved in the MoreThanFair initiative. They discuss how leveraging technology partnerships to expand access to capital and credit is essential to opening up opportunities for lower income and minority communities.

Why automated lending and online banking are particularly challenging for Minority Deposit Institutions (MDIs)

Many MDIs are getting left behind when it comes to the technology transformation happening within the banking world right now. The unfortunate situation comes down to three reasons:


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