Leadership coaching can boost both a career and the organization

Leaders in today's competitive employment market must evolve quickly to address emerging workforce retention and engagement issues. Coaching can help strengthen leadership skills and expedite both individual career wellbeing and organizational wellbeing.

Organizations need strong leadership as they look to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly complex talent market. Leaders across all industries face new challenges in engaging and retaining employees in hybrid and remote-work environments. Further, economic, social, political and other stressors create an increasing need to provide emotional wellbeing support in the workplace.

Formal leadership coaching is a powerful tool for organizations working to engage and retain their top talent. While formal leadership coaching has been around for decades, previous coaching models that focused on failing or underperforming leaders are now — or should be — retired, like fax machines. Progressive organizations have shifted their approach to coaching. They have made it a valued tool to accelerate development for new leaders, high potential employees, and those for whom focused improvement can yield quick results.

Leadership success stories from Gallagher’s Leadership Advisors team

Read on for recent examples of how Gallagher’s Leadership Advisors team helped emerging leaders to develop their skills and drive results for their organizations.


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