Leadership Matters: A strategic planning framework for the future

Revising your strategy is not enough—think bigger and blow it up!

Disruption, isolation, doomscrolling … several such words have leaped in popularity lately. My favorite: unprecedented, which was recently named the People’s Choice Word of the Year. We are living in unprecedented times, but as Hans Vestberg said, “The pace of change will never be this slow again.” Vestberg was quoted in 2016, but his words are just as applicable today.

With all that is happening in artificial intelligence, crypto and open banking, it can seem like the Wild West in the financial services industry, or at least in your office. Simply revising your existing strategy will not cut it if you want your credit union to survive and grow. How does one chart a course with so much unknown and liable to change again in the next 12 months? We need to think bigger.

Here’s where to begin.


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