Leadership Matters: Focus on your ethical bottom-line

Reinforce these four actions to create an ethical culture at your credit union.

by Richard B. Swegan and Claas Florian Engelke, CU Management

The business press produces a constant stream of articles discussing organizational culture. We see almost daily messages about the challenges and dynamics of culture, as well as the growing emphasis on creating an ethical culture in organizations. With increased debate over environmental, social and governance investing, diversity, equity and inclusion integration, and taking a stand on other ethical issues, more attention is now being placed on ethics and culture. Why is that?

Three trends dominate the rise of ethics in today’s organizational culture:

1. Ethics and profitability. Based on research by Ethisphere, among other organizations, the most ethical companies outperform less ethical companies on traditional business metrics by 12.3%. Organizations that focus on ethical business practices and culture appear to be more profitable.


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