Leadership Matters: On video games, strengths and opportunities

Nobody is a master of all trades, so embrace your unique talents and those of your team members.

Do you ever play video games? Yeah, me neither.

I’ve never really been good at them, but when I have played them, it’s been a nice distraction. The best part is when I get to play with my brothers during the holidays. I don’t own any video game consoles, so I always rely on my brothers to bring one to our parents’ when we get together. (The last one I personally owned was an Xbox 360. I know, super long ago.)

Growing up—and now, whenever I do play a video game—my default has always been to choose the “well-rounded” (aka balanced) character. But I always end up getting frustrated because the character is a Jack of all trades, master of none, so there aren’t really any major weaknesses or strengths.

During my education and through the early part of my career, I had always thought being “well-rounded” was a good thing. You could be good at a lot of things, which sounds like a positive, but I quickly grew frustrated, just like I did playing video games.


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