Lean into content marketing as a gateway to banking more SMBs

Banks are improving SMB demand-generation funnels by ramping up content marketing focused on business financial literacy — even to the point of launching niche trade publications. Here are Insights from three bank marketers on the evolving landscape of SMB content marketing and its impact on deposit and loan growth in 2024.

Before searching online, clicking on social media ads, or approaching their network for a referral, small business owners turn to their memories first when looking for banking providers. As bank institutions work for that top-of-mind presence, some are ramping up content marketing for small businesses.

What’s new about that? The institutions publishing content for small- to medium-size businesses are getting smaller in asset size, and they’re creating highly efficient demand-generation funnels to generate deposit and loan growth in 2024.

Here are the challenges, changes, and opportunities in SMB content marketing according to three bank marketers.

Reaching an in-between segment

Content marketing has a fairly long history in banking. Institutions have published financial education for consumers since even before they had websites. Commercial banks have provided newsletters for large commercial or wealth management clients longer than that. Yet, with a few exceptions, the nation’s largest banks have been the sole publishers of how-to guides, educational articles, and studies for SMBs.


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