Learn the process behind a successful project

Want to learn the secret behind consistently delivering successful projects? We’ve put together a series of articles to give you insight into our process – and this process not only applies to the design-build process but any projects you take on in your own organization. Each of these articles will help you dive into a different aspect of our process.

Project Planning

We have often written and given talks about how the nature of work is changing, and here at Momentum we are no exception. Much like how the financial industry has seen both retail and operations transformed by technological innovations, we’ve built a revolutionary project management process around cutting edge tools. And we believe that following our case study can help you build more robust project management processes on your own team.

Alignment Session

One of the most critical steps in the beginning of a project is gathering all of the stakeholders and aligning them around a common goal. With multiple teams, external partners, and competing requirements, this can be a difficult task. This is why we kick off every project with an alignment session, a meeting focused on uncovering and prioritizing the requirements and objectives of each stakeholder and organizing them in a way that guides every project participant forward towards a common goal.


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