Learn to delegate

Most leaders understand that delegating is a must. But it should be more than just pushing your to-do list onto your employees. Instead, it involves learning their strengths and building up your trust in them.

The Huffington Post provides four tips on how leaders can delegate well. They include:

1. Knowing your strengths and the strengths of each person on your team. What do you and your team members love to do and do well?

2. Once you’re familiar with everyone’s strengths, start assigning complementary tasks from your desk to theirs. Keep in mind, someone might need additional training on a particular task – make sure they get it.

3. Continually up your productivity. As you become more efficient with your time, keep assigning tasks to your team.

4. As your team members complete assigned tasks better and better, your trust in their abilities will grow. Here, you aren’t just delegating tasks, you are giving your team members the authority they need to complete them.

Now that we have some understanding of an efficient way to delegate, what kinds of tasks should we be delegating? On his blog, Michael Hyatt suggests breaking tasks into a set of priorities designed to measure your passion and your competence.

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