Learning the process – Alignment session

Have you ever sat down with a design firm and been immediately inundated with recommendations for the design of your next branch or workplace without diving into your goals and purpose of the project? This process often results in nice looking buildings that don’t deliver on your goals and that your staff don’t quite understand how to use.

We take a different approach. Before beginning design or even making suggestions, our team works with your key stakeholders to understand the purpose that is driving your project. We do through a meeting we call an alignment session.

“The goal is to uncover what success means to your team. Only then do we draw on external insights and innovations to begin to design a solution.”

The alignment session is an interactive workshop, designed to kick off a project and get everyone on the same page. The goal is to uncover what success means to your team, and we do this by facilitating conversations and activities around your goals and requirements for the project. These conversations include deep dives into research, your strategic vision, and a good deal of introspection. This is an opportunity for all voices to be heard, and to discover where your organization’s priorities lie. Ultimately, the team leaves the session with clarity around the best path forward.



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