Learning the process – project planning

We have often written and given talks about how the nature of work is changing, and here at Momentum we are no exception. Much like how the financial industry has seen both retail and operations transformed by technological innovations, we’ve built a revolutionary project management process around cutting edge tools. And we believe that following our case study can help you build more robust project management processes on your own team.

One core benefit of new technology platforms is the automation of routine processes, which translates to less human error, fewer dropped balls, and higher quality end results. And in our case, no platform has made a greater impact than Smartsheet. We’ve been able to integrate it into our construction and information management platforms, Procore and Box, and build workflows that ensure data is accurately captured and updated.

When a project kicks off we populate a Smartsheet schedule and Procore, our construction management platform, via an automatic workflow of Smartsheet forms. These forms are sent off, in order, to project participants who each fill out their details, and on submission, the next form is sent to the next person on the list. This allows preconstruction, construction, design, and accounting teams to weigh in on the project quickly and efficiently.

In the Smartsheet schedules themselves, our project management team has built templates based on dependency and predecessor tasks. These are tasks that depend on each other in a chain. Instead of the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually updating a schedule, Smartsheet automatically updates tasks accurately based on a predefined set of rules. These cascading changes are immediately visible to other users and trigger notifications.


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