Leveraging data analytics to improve member service

Here are four ways analytics transform data into value for members and your business.

The past couple of years have brought many changes in the credit union space. Member expectations have shifted, with consumers now demanding modern digital banking experiences. Members are also using more channels than ever before to engage with their credit unions (e.g., phone, web, mobile app, email, chat, video), forcing financial institutions to find ways to make all channels work together smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, data-savvy companies—like digital giants or fintech start-ups—are increasingly attracting customers with their user-friendly, personalized and fast banking solutions.

To stay in the game and continue serving their communities, credit unions need to figure out how to deliver an empowered human experience, similar to what they are known for in branch, on digital channels. The objective is to continue to do what they do best: deliver value and an incredible member experience at every stage of the banking relationship.

4 Ways Analytics Improve Business and Service

Data analytics can help credit unions translate their culture and brand value to digital channels. Credit unions are sitting on piles of data, often without being able to uncover its value and meaning. By building data analytics strategies and proactively investing in analytics technology, credit unions can turn their member data into meaningful analytics and transform it into business value. Here are four ways in which data analytics can help improve your business:


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