Living an authentic leadership style

by. Dan Berger

Being true to yourself – or living an authentic life – is important, and we all know it. And it’s just as important within the workplace as it is outside.

If you’re not true to yourself in your dealings with others, how can you possibly influence others to join your mission, work for you or buy into your product? Put another way by the Harvard Business Review blog: “Even if your leadership and your instructions are sensible and productive, people will feel uncomfortable with someone who doesn’t really mean what he or she says.”

So how can we cultivate authenticity in our leadership roles? A Houston Chronicle article on what an authentic leadership style looks like offers these five must-have qualities:

1. Understanding your purpose.
2. Practicing your values.
3. Leading with your heart.
4. Establishing connected relationships.
5. Demonstrating self-discipline.

The Harvard Business Review blog sums it up this way: “Authenticity, then, is about giving a message about your true self — one you must continually shape and deliver by thoughtfully choosing your words and behaviors to suit the people you interact with and the specific purpose at hand.”

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