Look at the death of Windows 2003 server as the birth of your credit union cloud

by: Robin Remines

It was estimated that millions of credit union applications  were (are?) running on Windows 2003 server and that thousands of credit unions are still dependent on this platform for at least one critical business application. Are you one of them?  If so, the clock is ticking! In mid-July, Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 Server. Our post today is about how innovative CU CIOs are taking advantage of the EOL date and making the move to the cloud.

So what are credit union’s supposed to do? Leading credit union CIO’s are taking advantage of this situation to migrate to the cloud – completely reinventing their credit union infrastructure by eliminating old technology and implementing managed/hosted services.

There is a talk in the market that death of Windows 2003 will create a huge demand for cloud servers which is true to a great extent.  It is a fact that many CIOs are considering cloud computing as a viable option and see it as their top most priority in the current scenario. All the CIOs are very well aware that monthly fee takes care of everything as far as cloud computing is considered and even helps the business to take off the ground and grow quickly.

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