Make learning work for employees and your credit union

Employers play key role in success of employees’ professional development.

by: Lisa Hochgraf

Making learning seem both fun and doable is an important challenge for executives and credit unions alike.

The world is constantly changing, so we have to keep learning to keep up. And taking a formal class–like the massive open online course, “Content Strategy for Professionals in Organizations,” that I’m signed up for in April–can seem daunting.

But I’m lucky because CUES backs me up. My boss and the organization as a whole knows that I’ll be working extra hard those six weeks to meet publication deadlines and learn all I can from the Northwestern University professors who will be leading the class.

The article, “How to Keep Learning and Still Have a Life,” from the November 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review suggests that my feeling of being backed up by my employer is key to success.

“Learning efforts can easily fall flat without institutional muscle behind them. Sure, leaders may encourage employees to sign up for extra training and courses—but how many people will find time to engage properly, or at all, if their workloads remain the same and their studying must be done after hours? How many will even feel safe seeking support in areas where they have ‘room for growth’ if learning isn’t integral to their organizations?”

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