Make sure to include this in your site redesign

Unless you just redesigned your website, it could probably use a revamp. There a lots of things to keep in mind to make sure the new version of your website rocks, and content is one of those. But content for the emerging adult demographic is important because they’ll need guidance to make some pretty big decisions soon (think college, first jobs, buying their first cars).

What do you mean by useful content?

To put it simply, useful content is simply content that helps your customers, preferably within the realm of your expertise. So, if you’re a financial institution,content that young adults will find helpful could mean everything from tips about budgeting for a new car to an infographic about how much one person could save by taking meals from home to work for lunch.

An important caveat is that helpful posts are not boring posts. Content can get away with not being 100% practical if it’s incredibly interesting and relevant to what you do. For example, an infographic on jobs that didn’t exist five years ago doesn’t specifically solve your customers’ money problems, but it’s interesting and relevant (particularly if you’re a college student trying to figure out which major will make you money).

And don’t forget about segmentation! Remember that you have customers in different phases of their lives, so target your content to those life phases in order to reach your customers where they are. Emerging adults need content for the decisions they’re going to make now.

Why include it in my site redesign?

Having a place on your website for all your content is the best way to organize it (not to mention bring potential and current customers to your website). Sharing information from other sources is great, but if you’re only filling your Twitter feed and Facebook page with other people’s content, you’re a middle man, not the boss.

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