Make your marketing memorable

You spend thousands and thousands of dollars to promote your financial institution every year. So does every other financial institution in your market. How does your marketing make an impact and stand out among the rest of the marketing noise? Or does it?

We receive quite a bit of “marketing noise” in our mailbox daily. My husband’s job is to weed through it and immediately trash everything that’s irrelevant. Sometimes he falls prey to those envelopes with messages like “Important documents inside.” Everything else tends to look the same – except for an oversized postcard I received from last week.

On the front, the postcard says, “Greetings from Florida,” and shows a cute cartoon dog with a surfboard. On the back is a note, hand written in two different ink colors. It reads, “Hi Colleen, Welcome to Chewy! I hope your pup is enjoying the Outward Hound dog toy. We’re here 24/7 to lend a Paw. Takiyah.”


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