Make your mobile banking app great

The sixty-member Retail Banking Strategies Crowdsourcing Panel was asked, “What is your favorite non-financial mobile app and why?” Their selection was diverse, but provided insight into how banks and credit unions could improve their mobile banking user interface.

by. Jim Marous

Owning a spot on the home screen of a consumer’s mobile device is every app developer’s goal. But, earning that coveted location is difficult due to the increasing array of apps already available and being introduced daily.

So, what makes a great mobile experience and generates everyday use? What are the qualities consumers are looking for when determining what to download and use? Can retail banking learn lessons from the apps people prefer?

To find out, we reached out to the 60 member Retail Banking Strategies Crowdsourcing Panel to find out what their favorite non-financial mobile apps were, and why they liked them. While dozens of different apps were mentioned, the benefits of the apps fell into one or a multiple of the following categories:

  • Efficiency (makes something easier)
  • Effectiveness (saves time or money)
  • Contextual (uses personalized insight)
  • Entertaining
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