Making digital signage work for you

Handing off the headache of content creation and management has been an excellent solution for Polam FCU.

As the financial services industry becomes more complex and competitive, keeping members informed, educated and entertained becomes increasingly critical. Countertop flyers, brochure racks, and paper posters hung on walls or windows may no longer be the most effective way to communicate with your current and potential members. Paper doesn’t always receive a lot of attention these days, quickly becomes stale and isn’t very cost-effective. The more information a credit union needs to communicate, the more paper marketing materials make a branch cluttered, disorganized and unattractive.

These days, members expect something other than traditional paper marketing, especially those members who live on their phones and view digital displays as an extension of that medium. According to my research, which included the DBSI 2018 Digital Benchmarking Survey, people who are exposed to digital signage are better informed, have higher recall rates for the messaging, and are more easily motivated to engage in conversations about products and services. Digital signage can be a way to eliminate paper brochures and grab members’ attention. (Here’s an image of our digital brochure rack.)

Let’s say that you’ve made the decision to deploy digital signage. Next comes the hard part: defining your strategy, vision and success factors, figuring out who is going to create and manage the content, and deciding how you will keep it fresh and relevant.


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