Man-branding with Manly Bands

My soon-to-be husband and I recently purchased his wedding band through an online store called Manly Bands.

“Man branding” isn’t an actual term, but after my interactions with this company, I’m ready to coin the phrase and add it to the dictionary.

Manly Bands is an online-only shop that prides itself in “saying no to boring wedding bands.” Just watch their promo video and you’ll see how the brand is keenly (and hilariously) geared toward men who feel a little clueless when it comes to wedding planning.

The Manly Bands brand doesn’t zing simply because they market to men (trust me, I’m ALL about girl power). Rather, it’s their incredible understanding of their own market that sets them above their competition.

Here’s what Manly Bands does right, and what your credit union or bank brand would do well to follow:


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