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- by Randy Ralston, DaLand CUSO

FedNow and the future of banking

Wire transfers, cross-border payments, and ACH settlements are about to change – and in many ways, they already have! The launch of FedNow is a milestone that shifts the tides of the financial industry. The implications [...]

- by Randy Ralston, DaLand CUSO

Shot to the core

Working with a group of credit union leaders last week, hacking our way through the weeds of the exciting world of core selection, core conversion, and vendor consolidation, one of the senior executives asked a [...]

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Diamond Credit Union joins DaLand CUSO’s CODE Council

DaLand LLC, the next-generation fin-tech CUSO serving community financial institutions and their strategies to ensure relevance in the future of digital and community commerce, welcomed Diamond CU as the most recent addition to its premier [...]

DaLand CUSO joins CUNA as an Associate Business Member

As recently announced by CUNA, DaLand CUSO has been accepted as a CUNA Associate Business Member. This relationship will allow DaLand CUSO to leverage CUNA resources to further its mission of creating and maintaining credit [...]

DaLand CUSO forms CODE Council to propel CU technology

DaLand CUSO, a next-generation technology CUSO, today announced the formation of its CODE Council. CODE, short for Core Optimized Digital Experience, is a revolutionary technology framework developed by DaLand that emphasizes extending core platform functionality [...]

From consultant to CUSO: Leading tech firm makes the leap

DaLand Solutions, a leading provider of technology and professional services to credit unions nationwide, today announced that it has been acquired by Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union ($450M; 39,000 members) and will operate as [...]

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