BillingTree partners with DaLand CUSO, Inc on kiosk strategy for Illinois Credit Union

BillingTree's payment platform bonds with credit union kiosks to limit member exposure during COVID-19

PHOENIX, AZ (August 11, 2020) — Over the years, BillingTree has been anticipating market needs and developing payment products and features to help credit unions be more successful. While it has been almost impossible to predict the disruption COVID-19 caused, in the financial services sector and beyond, BillingTree has been diligently working on contactless payment channels to keep members safe.

In July, BillingTree partnered with a major player in the credit union industry to take their payment processing to the next level. Southern Illinois University Credit Union (SIUCU) found themselves in need of a digital solution to help limit employee and member contact during the pandemic. What started as a simple project to keep members safe, turned into a major innovation and advantage for SIUCU, offering convenience that trumps the competition.

Erica Pankey, SIUCU’s VP Operations, stated, “SIUCU chose BillingTree because of their full integration with Corelation and the suite of APIs that integrate with mobile platforms. It has been an incredible experience from the start. They are also working with DaLandCUSO to help expand our digital strategy by deploying kiosks. We are excited to take this major step forward with our delivery channels utilizing outstanding integrations, self-service member options, and text to pay solutions.”

In addition to offering more payment options to their members, what really solidified this new partnership was the deployment of a kiosk strategy designed to serve credit unions and their members. Jessica Fongemie, DaLand’s Collaboration Architect, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with the SIU team as they continue to be innovators in delivering meaningful self-service tools such as kiosks.  When Billing Tree was identified as an optimal vendor in delivering some of these services we welcomed the opportunity collaborate with them in delivering the financial services their community needs most.”

Aaron Dils, Director of Financial Services at BillingTree, went on to say “It’s inspiring to see a credit union take this step with a digital strategy to expand service to their members. BillingTree will provide SIUCU additional options in multiple channels for the benefit of their membership, improving collection capabilities as well as process improvements with employee efficiencies. Working with a CUSO is great because they understand Credit Unions, and their core values mirror BillingTree’s! DaLand CUSOis no exception, a fantastic team of professionals that understand technology, driven to provide strategies that enhances the credit union member’s experience.”

Dils and the team at BillingTree hope to attract even more attention by continuing to work with other tech companies and innovate new systems for their customers just as they did with SIUCU. BillingTree encourages other credit unions to reach out and do the same.

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