How managing your marketing and PR efforts is like having braces

That’s right. I compared marketing and communications efforts to wearing braces. Stay with me here.

I have #adultbraces. It’s painful, awkward, time-consuming and annoying. But the end result will be (better be!) straight teeth, a healthy smile and aligned bite.

It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes years. And it’s a process that requires time, flexibility and constant monitoring. Just like your communications efforts.

It takes months, even years to see results.

Teeth don’t move in a week…it takes years. Your communication efforts take time too. So does rebuilding your reputation after a crisis, creating awareness about your brand, or building an online community to engage your audience.

Anyone who expects results after one month does not understand the marketing and communication process.

It takes monitoring and maintenance.

For the last 21 months, I have visited the orthodontist every three to four weeks. These visits last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and involve everything from teeth molds and consultations to pulling teeth and tightening wires.

Just like your campaign, you have to constantly monitor what you are doing. Sometimes it takes five minutes. Sometimes it takes longer. Monitoring ensures you are on track and on target to meet your goals.

You may have to adjust.

When I started this process, the goal was two years to a perfect smile. After 15 months, it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen. The orthodontist had to re-evaluate and try something else.

Be flexible. If it’s not working, don’t keep doing it. You may have to adjust your strategy and revise your plan.

You are never done.

My orthodontist recommended I wear a retainer every night, after my braces come off. This will help prevent my teeth moving in the future.

While a certain campaign may be complete, ongoing brand awareness (even if it’s minimal) is important to keep your brand relevant and top of mind when a consumer is ready to take action.

Susan Dyer

Susan Dyer

Susan is the Communications Director for the Heartland Credit Union Association, the trade association for credit unions in Kansas and Missouri. She has been a part of the marketing and ... Web: Details