Marketing should never stop, it should adapt to the circumstances

New years and fresh starts always seem so great. We get a “clean slate.” The chance to start off on the right foot. And it feels like we have all this time and freedom in the world to accomplish a checklist of new things or to kick old habits.

As we make our goals for the year and set our strategies and plans, we often don’t take potential problems or unexpected costs into consideration, which can result in a huge barrier to reaching our goals. These barriers can even force us to give up on them. I have witnessed this time and again over the years, but never more than I did back in 2020 during the pandemic. I know, I know, we dread hearing that word these days, but it was the perfect example of how everything can go wrong so quickly, and how we need to adapt our marketing as a result.

Looking back

2020 started originally seemed as though it would be nothing special: same stuff, different year. Then for many of us around the world, that line of thinking quickly unraveled amid wildfires, murder hornets, and so much more. Each month seemed to bring a new challenge, and the global pandemic has kept everyone on their toes. Credit unions and CUSOs were no exception to any of these changes and had to find new ways to roll with the never-ending punches the year dished out.


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