Maximizing future ignition of mobile money

by: Dan Glessner

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

This quote from Edmund Burke, an 18th century British orator, politician, and philosopher, still rings true today… even within the new realm of mobile money. This blog post describes how understanding the past of mobile money will influence not only its present, but also help shape a more successful future.

Learning from history

A new and detailed mobile money research report entitled, “An Empirical Examination of Why Mobile Money Schemes Ignite in Some Developing Countries, But Flounder in Most,” was published by David S. Evans and Alexis Pirchio through the University of Chicago Institute for Law and Economics. In researching mobile money initiatives within 22 countries for the past several years, the authors found that:

  • Eight countries experienced “Ignition with Explosive Growth”
  • Three countries experienced “Ignition with Weak Growth”


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