Measure twice, convert (your core) once

Top tips for core conversion success from a company that has witnessed hundreds of them

Undertaking a core conversion is no small task, and it’s a decision no credit union takes lightly. When reading about the process and talking to peers who have lived it firsthand, it quickly becomes clear that it is a complicated and time-consuming process that can sometimes lead to a whole host of problems for both users and members.

However, as your credit union grows and adopts newer, more advanced technology tools, the need for a conversion can become inevitable. Overall, that’s great news, because it means you’re growing! But because it is such a significant, lengthy and costly endeavor, it’s important to take it on with eyes wide open.

As the largest writer of portfolio protection in the industry and among the longest in business with nearly 50 years of experience, State National has been witness to hundreds of our partners’ core conversions. Following are some of our insights and observations for those who may also be thinking about beginning this significant transition.


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