Member Experience Management – New Norm for Business Communications

By Brad Banyas CEO,OMI
Customer Relationship Management is not a new concept. CRM, as it is most commonly known, is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. The overall goal is to find, attract, win new clients, and nurture and retain those that you already have.
The business world has embraced the CRM concept and many companies have developed software solutions to address the need. The primary focus, however, is on capturing information about customers in order to target, segment and personalize marketing outreach. What has been largely overlooked in the mix is the method and approach used to communicate the benefits of doing business together. This is where a new concept comes in: Customer Experience Management (CEM); a proactive approach to coordinate a company’s interaction with its customers in order to increase loyalty and brand advocacy across the lifecycle of the relationship.
The Benefits of CEM
Customer Experience Management is all about communicating with your current client base and is a proactive approach to managing the customer experience. Companies adopting CEM recognize that the days of passive marketing are rapidly becoming obsolete. No longer is direct mail, traditional websites and email the most effective means of communicating with current clients. While these strategies can be valuable for gaining new clients, CEM addresses the needs of existing clients.