Millennials on a mission to learn about financial literacy

CO-OP’s millennial campaign continues to attract new audiences to the credit union message

Millennials have been the most attractive generation for all financial services for a while. And in the next few weeks, they will overtake baby boomers as the largest generation.

For the majority of marketers, this generation remains mysterious because the proven ways of engaging and connecting don’t apply to these technology natives.

Almost a year ago, during THINK 14, CO-OP launched a millennial campaign on TwitterFacebook and a dedicated website; supported through paid media and search. The first few months were dedicated to testing and experimenting, a small victory here and a small failure there. Over time, three common themes emerged:

  1. Millennials are visual: This generation is highly visual as learners and communicators. The credit union story needs to be told visually through videos, quizzes, infographics and enticing imagery.
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