Mission vs. Politics: Focus on member service

The United States Military remains the top-rated federal institution in terms of trust and respect by the American people. While not always perfect, the military works hard to maintain this distinction. As an institution, there are three core principles that make this possible:

  1. The military must respect civilian control of the military;
  2. The military must represent the people it serves; and
  3. The military must remain apolitical.

As we head down the final stretch of yet another brutal Presidential campaign, the need to remain apolitical as an organization is even more important. This is especially important if our society is to survive the tumult of the election, no matter who wins. I would like to commend our member credit unions for duplicating the same approach as our military. This is exactly what we were designed to do.

Like our military, our member credit unions must also represent the people we serve. Our 25.5 million members include many active duty military and veterans that live, work, and play in our communities. Since credit unions are member-owned, many of the same ideals that make our military great, such as service, hard work, and integrity, are also the driving force in our credit union operations. In fact, as I study the mission statements, history, and annual reports of our member credit unions, I am proud to say this ethos is evident.


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