Mobile banking: What’s not to love?

Analytics and word-of-mouth highlight members’ favorite features—and where there’s work to be done.

After years of being a relatively uninspired self-service add-on, mobile banking has become a primary means of engagement for credit unions. Moving beyond transactional convenience to a critical channel throughout the pandemic, it’s how credit unions will stay relevant and connected into the future.

As mobile growth continues, what can credit unions do to enhance this point of connection? Focus on members’ most-loved app features.

“Not surprisingly, traditional transactions like balance inquiries and transfers have remained a staple—partly for peace of mind, partly for convenience,” reflects Mark Geason, VP/electronic services for $7 billion Citizens Equity First Credit Union, Peoria, Illinois. “It’s not just an added perk. Today, members expect and demand immediate access to balance information and the ability to transfer between accounts. They’re looking for solutions.


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