NACUSO Conference a clarion call for the future of CUSOs and credit unions

The NACUSO Conference has always been an exciting week where deals get done and face-to-face professional connections further innovation and collaborative solutions. In this community, “people helping people” knows no limits.

As QCash CEO Seth Brickman proudly held up our CUSO’s flag at this week’s conference at Disney’s Beach Club Resorts in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (while taking home Runner-Up for his QCash product presentation!), we always keep in mind our CUSO’s values, our beginnings, and our importance to the financial services ecosystem.

Identifying our CUSO value from the start

The story of the QCash Financial CUSO also started as a collaboration of sorts or, more accurately, a simple inquiry that turned a brainstorm into something much bigger. It all began in 2003 when a Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) teller asked the credit union’s then-CEO Kevin Foster-Keddie why so many non-members were cashing member checks.

Turns out there were a lot of members who were going to payday lenders for small dollar loans. Unfortunately, the interest rates on those types of loans all but strapped low-income members into a financial debt trap, often followed by a financial tailspin.


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