NAFCU provides updates on Fed’s Reg D relief

NAFCU updated its Final Regulation Alert to include clarification from the Federal Reserve that it has no plans to re-impose the six-per-month transfer limit between savings and checking accounts under Regulation D, which was eliminated by a recent interim final rule. This clarification came following NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger’s request that the Fed provide further information on its rule.

NAFCU’s updated Final Regulation Alert explains the Fed’s update to its online FAQs indicating that there are no plans to re-impose transfer limits. However, the board stated it “may make adjustments to the definition of savings accounts in response to comments received on the Board’s interim final rule, and in the future, if conditions warrant.”

The association has long advocated for the transfer limit to be eliminated and doubled down on its advocacy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the updated Final Regulation Alert explains the addition of FAQ  No. 13 that provides clarification on the interaction between the Regulation D amendments and Regulation CC, concluding that the amendments do not result in “savings deposits” now being covered by Regulation CC.


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