NAFCU-sought RBC-delay proposal slated for NCUA action today

The NCUA Board today will consider NAFCU’s proposal to delay the agency’s risk-based capital (RBC) rule.

NAFCU has long supported and led efforts to delay the RBC rule so it could be revisited by the agency. This year, NAFCU initiated congressional action to obtain a delay for credit unions in light of changes to bank capital rules contained in S. 2155. As a result of NAFCU’s advocacy efforts, a provision to delay the RBC rule by two years has passed the House three times. The provision comes from the Common Sense Capital Relief Act (H.R. 5288), which was introduced by Reps. Bill Posey, R-Fla., and Denny Heck, D-Wash., in March. NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger met with Posey and Heck to thank them for their ongoing efforts to protect the industry from the adverse effects of this rule.

While NAFCU supports an appropriate RBC system for credit unions, it has urged the rule’s delay so the NCUA could have additional time to address the adverse impacts of the rule, primarily the regulatory burdens and costs that will ensue.

Revealing details of the proposal last week, NCUA Chairman J. Mark McWatters said the changes would include a one-year delay of the rule and raise the definition of a complex credit union from $100 million to $500 million.


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